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2nd Singing Tips

By: admin 7 November 2014 0 Comment/s

Just what do you think after listening to artists like Frank Sinatra or Maria Carey? Most agree they are some of the most effective vocalists ever to grace the charts. Be it otherwise, these 2 incredible vocalists did not merely “discover their voice” and became chart topers. No. They needed to develop their voice. They practiced and worked hard to reach their goals. Sure, some of their success may have come from circumstance, but the point is, nobody ever became great at something without practice and determination

Listening to music is nourishes your creative mind. They direct the emotional states of your body and soul. If listening to music can provide so much satisfaction, then singing to it would certainly be far more enjoyable. Expressing yourself vocally allow you to reveal your feelings that can’t be fulfilled in other mediums. It helps you express yourself without having talk to anyone. You don’t need to be good at singing to express these emotions… But it will help you enjoy it more as well as giving you the confidence to sing in front of others – There is no better way to learn than with



How to Sing Well Without Lessons

By: admin 4 November 2013 0 Comment/s

Learning how to sing well takes a lot of work. As such, singing lessons can come in handy especially if you’re very new to the craft. But what if you cannot or do not want to take lessons? What then? Below are some tips that you might find helpful.

• Practice regularly.
• Record and listen to yourself singing. Take note of any problem areas and work on them. Do this as many times as you need to.
• Sing in front of your family and friends then ask for honest feedback.
• Find your vocal range. This will help you determine what songs you can sing and how you can sing them.



How to Sing Like a Pro

By: admin 17 September 2013 0 Comment/s

Do you want to learn how to sing like a pro? It’s easier than you think, but it will take time and dedication. Below are some helpful tips that you can apply to your own singing career.

Overcome Your Fears

What is keeping you from being a professional singer? For many people, the answer is fear. Some are afraid of performing in front of strangers and there are those who are held back by their fear of rejection and failure.



Warm-Up Exercises

By: admin 9 September 2013 0 Comment/s

Like an athlete, a singer is required to start with some warm-up exercises before they singing. This is especially important as it prepares the vocal muscles to prevent fatigue.

One of the chief benefits of warm-up exercises is to improve the airflow as you sing. Furthermore, it makes your vocal muscles more flexible which prevents vocal damage.

At first, it might not make sense to do warm-up exercises to avoid damaging your vocal cords. However, take note that these are gradual drills that will gently get you accustomed to singing for longer periods of time.



4 Important Singing Tips

By: admin 9 September 2013 0 Comment/s

There’s a tendency to develop a sort of “tunnel vision” when you keep doing the same thing over and over for some time. This also applies to singing because things can get stale after a while.

There are a few ways to help you take a step back and break out of your funk if you’re experiencing “singer’s block”:

#1: Schedule a Refresher



Are Online Singing Lessons For You?

By: admin 5 September 2013 0 Comment/s
Online Singing Lessons

Learning how to sing takes time and hard work. Even though most are ready to put in the hard work, not everyone can spare the time.

If you are in a situation like this, then you might want to consider getting online singing lessons. Below are some reasons why it could work for you.




Songwriting Tips for Beginners

By: admin 28 August 2013 0 Comment/s

Songwriting skills can come naturally, but we all need help from time to time – especially beginners. Below are some helpful beginner songwriting tips for those who want to start writing songs, but don’t know where to begin.

Know Your Audience



Tips for Singing High Notes

By: admin 4 October 2011 0 Comment/s
singing high notes

Have you always wanted tips for singing high notes?  Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you simple but very helpful tips for singing high notes.

Those who are new to singing often doubt if they will ever have the skill to reach high notes with strength and fullness. I wouldn’t lie and tell you that it’s an easy thing to do.

In fact, many have struggled to sing high notes and ended up breaking their voice or hurting their throat.



Singing Lessons for Beginners

By: admin 4 October 2011 0 Comment/s

For those who want to sing but don’t know where to start, here are some singing lessons for beginners to help jumpstart your dream of becoming a singer.

Get a Vocal Coach

The easiest way to get singing lessons (especially for beginners) is to get a vocal coach. If you have the time and money, getting a vocal coach is probably the quickest solution to learning how to sing.

Although not everyone takes this approach due to financial concerns, getting a vocal coach ensures that you’ll get real-time feedback from a professional as you go through your vocal exercises.



Learn to Sing Tips

By: admin 4 October 2011 0 Comment/s

A lot of aspiring singers often search online for “learn to sing tips”, but they get overwhelmed by the abundance of information available. They get confused by the conflicting singing advice they find and become discouraged by the lack of reliable information.

But fear not, because this article will help you take your first step into the world of singing.



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