How To Sing On Key

Being able to sing on key is a very important skill to have yet many people lack such a trait. The purpose of this article is to give you some great tips on how to sing on key and to help you out if you are one of those people that feels that you “cannot hold a tune’’ I am here to help.

Despite what you may think in order for you to sing well (and in tune) you need to train your ears. This article will teach you to train your ears to recognize intervals between notes, using scales and some simple songs (so that you can learn how to sing on key).

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One thing that I must point out to you that one of the main things that stops people from singing is the fact that they have got it into their head that they cannot how a tune. Believe you me if your hearing is not impaired in any way such as with deafness, you have as good ears as the most gifted musicians and performers the world over.

The only thing you need to possess when to wish to learn how to sing on key is the ability to learn and improve. So let’s start learning.

To sing on key you must be listening as opposed to hearing and with this you need to make sure that you that you analyze what you are listening to, if you do not do this you will struggle with holding a tune.

The best advice I can give you is that you should learn how to sing a scale. Turn on a tape recorder and keep it turned on while you follow through with this exercise. Below is a diagram of a simple scale to sing to and practice with.


This diagram shows one full octave scale and it is the pattern of the piano from its lowest white keys all the way to the top. You will find it much easier to find out how to sing on key if you have a musical instrument such as a piano to accompany your scale exercises – this will be a lot easier than if you were to practice scale exercises without the aid of a musical instrument.

To be able to sing on key you need to practice some scale exercises so that you can improve your singing tone. An exercise that helps you learn how to sing on key is for you to play one note on the piano and then sing a scale – a full scale is made up of eight ascending notes in the same pattern (just as there is in the C Major Scale above).

Once you reach the same note from the octave above and play that note on the piano and ask yourself is the note I sung in tune with the note on the piano? If this is not the case you need to play the whole scale on the piano and listen very carefully as you go. Practicing like this will teach you intervals between notes as well as how to sing on key.

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For those of you that do not have access to a piano or musical instrument and you wish to learn how to sing on key you are able to sing a scale unaccompanied, however in this instance your listening skills are so much more important.

If you are serious about your singing, you really should invest in a musical instrument to practice your scale exercises (and think how beautiful your home will look with a piano as part of the furniture). There are a number of well-known tunes that you can sing, that are of a perfect scale these include “The First Noel’’ and “ Joy to the World’’, sing the first few bars and you have a perfect scale.