How to Become a Singer

singoramaBecoming a singer is not as hard as you think. Once you have some skills at your disposal it is mostly your enthusiasm that will take you to the next step.

The first thing you should do is meet other like-minded people. Find other singers, guitarists, pianists, and percussionists. Every person you can possibly find in the musical field and network as much as you can.

Hopefully you will align with a group, quartet, trio or duo but if not it is still feasible to go solo. The next move is to get yourself known in your local area this is where you require diversity, for not only will you have to depend upon your skill as a singer but your self promotion.

If everything goes your way you will be talking with various record labels or publishers after the success, locally.

This is the point where personal security and/ or the security of any associated band members must be guarded from different nefarious means, including contracts, agency commissions and situations that it is necessary to have a lawyer on retainer for.

The added stress concerned with the management of the band often causes friction due to the need to be aware and defensive of your respective label. If you make it past this point you are doing extremely well but the changeable nature of the music industry makes it very difficult to maintain success.

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The pioneers of longevity in the music industry and especially the small number of them are testament to the challenge of finding music’s acme. If you have the motivation and drive and you are talented there is no reason that this path cannot take you to the dizzying heights of success.

Finding a community of like-minded people is important. At a novice level it is a good idea to look into your local area to find “open mic.’’ nights. These are good for performance anxiety and serve as an efficient market research system should you want to perform your own music.

Under no circumstances should you feel that karaoke is an effective substitute for a singing performance. It would be much more advantageous to peruse local establishments, song writing groups and musician placement centers.

If you wish to remain solo in your solo aspirations it may be necessary for you to approach the venues directly. In these cases it is either your charisma or your salesmanship in convincing the owner that it will be “worth his while’’.

You should, for a period of not less than six months, attempt to saturate your local area in both performances and advertising. Try to become a regular at as many places as you can until you or your band receive a meager measure of celebrity.

To attain this you will be required to stand out. Whether it is for your outstanding sound or gimmicky presence you must stay in the audiences mind. Some musical acts accomplish this by exclusively playing in one venue, however I strongly dissuade you from this course.

Many bands or solo acts that follow this path end up playing in that venue for much longer than they anticipated. In effect you are making a live portfolio of your work. When you have a selection of regulars that you can exhibit to a potential recording company you should take that step but be cautious.

Recording studios and record labels especially the large record companies have many advantages over becoming an independent artist. As well as primary elements such as advertising and distribution a record label will also defend you in the case of unforeseen litigation.

Conversely, following the track of the independent artist whilst satisfying can be filled with pitfalls. Initially the outlay for duplication and distribution is rather difficult.

You are also in a vulnerable position when it comes to litigation and other copyright fiascos. Of course, in the event that you attain great success independently you will have a great degree of creative control over your song.

When a degree of a success is attained when attached to a record company you will still only be rewarded according to the current contract that you are under. Therefore success under the umbrella of a record label will be limited unless your earning power is astounding.

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