Breathing Techniques for Singers

To sing beautifully, breathing techniques for singers is extremely important and this article will tell you specific breathing techniques for singers.   It is important that you study breathing and breath control early in the piece of learning how to sing.

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In singing circles it has often been said that `he who breathes well, sings well’. A breathing technique that works for most people is controlled breathing in and out is invaluable for singers (and pretty good for your general health and well being too).

Breathing techniques for singers such as this, will expand your chest an inch or two, flatten stomach muscles and correct your posture. This breathing technique is also effective in cleansing the lungs and relaxes you when you are nervous or tense.

singoramaThere are three facets of breathing which the singer must be able to do.
1. You need to be able to inhale large amounts of air.
2. You need to snatch a good breath quickly.
3. You MUST be able to control the escape of breath.

The amount of air needed when you are relaxing listening to music or watching television is very small. Because singers need to sing long phrases that can last for twenty to thirty seconds – you need to have significant reserves of breath and sometimes you can only do this but using all of the capacity of your lungs in this sense understanding breathing techniques for singers is imperative.

It is important to remember that to get your lungs to get to the point of peak performance you should empty them out completely as well as fill them. Maximum breaths in and maximum breaths out must be developed, and this can be easily been learned with a little bit of time and patience. One of the best breathing techniques for singers to use to fill them up completely is explained below.

Try this exercise to begin with:

Standing, with your hands pressed into your sides, slowly take a deep breath, concentrating on filing up the bottom half of the lungs. I find that breathing through the nose makes for a fuller and deeper breath and you should just think of this technique as an extension of normal breathing.

If you are not used to doing this type of breathing you may find it difficult to expand your lungs fully at first. Not one of the singers I know have been able to breathe deeply at their first attempt but there is one thing that they say to me over and over again and that is `after time it gets easier and becomes right’.

Here are some more tips to help you with your breathing techniques for singers:

Trying lying on your back to practice breathing exercises. When you are lying down, the breathing is deeper and you can easily feel the movement of the muscles.

Sit on a chair, hang your arms loosely and move your elbows away from the sides of your chest. Keep your back touching the chair back (and not moving your shoulders) and take a long deep breath from the bottom of your lungs.

This exercise will be more effective if you push your back against the chair and you will really feel it in your waist and back as well.

Follow these breathing techniques for singers and you will have the power to sing beautifully.

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